Snacks Info

Snack Preparation and Cleanup

We could never do it without you! One important way in which parents help out with the program is by taking turns providing the snack that is served at each meeting. This really helps the instructors focus on the teaching. You can either submit your receipts to Lance to get reimbursed, or donate the food. Please find more details about this below.

Fall 2013 Snack Sign-up and Assignments


Snack Instructions

If any of these instructions are unclear, please contact Randy or Lance or Lisa, who is coordinating the snacks at this time.

What to bring?

Healthy snacks that are easy to serve! Cut-up fruit (grapes, apples, oranges, etc.) is a great choice. You can add to that some other finger food like crackers, bread sticks, or some have brought muffins, croissants, or home-made bread (sliced in advance, please). Make it easy on yourself. We do ask that you consider we have some young kids who may not be able to eat a whole large muffin. So is you can keep the size small enough for the youngest that would help avoid excessive waste. Of course, larger muffins or croissants could be cut in half or quarters.

We ask that you don’t bring juice or other drinks. We serve water which prevent messy clean-up if someones cup spills on the carpet.  (Not an uncommon occurance.)

You can follow the listserv responses to get a guage of how many to plan for, but you can also contact Randy or Lance to find out how many children to expect. Currently we have needed to provide snacks for around 15-18 hungry mouths. Plan for a few extras as sometimes unexpected new-comers show up and we have three or four more kids to feed.

Your responsibilities on Sunday:


  1. Arrive early enough to get be able to enter the zendo to sit by 8:55.
  2. Gather the following materials needed for snacks and bring them into the studio:
    • Cups, which are on a tray in the cupboard below and to the right of the sink in the apartment kitchen. The apartment is the door to your right as you leave the back of the studio onto the back porch. (The door to the left is the main zendo kitchen. You won’t need to go in there, unless the water container is missing in the apartment kitchen refrigerator. Sometimes it “relocates” to the main zendo kitchen refrigerator.)
    • Napkins, which are usually located with the cups.
    • Service silverware, to serve fruit or other snacks. It is kept in the drawer by the sink.  (If missing get from main kitchen–second waist-level drawer on your left right in the back door.)
    • Drinking water, stored in large glass containers in the refrigerator.
    • And, paper towels that are above the studio sink, to the left, or with the cups. (Back stock is generally in boxes near the door.)
  3. Place these materials on the table in the studio and have them ready to go before the program starts at 9:00.  It is helpful if you pour the water into the cups.  You can cover them with some paper towels to prevent dust or anything else from getting into them.
  4. You don’t need to stay during the children’s program, unless you stay for some other reason, like having an under-age child.  You can go sit  with the adults in the zendo.  The older kids serve the snack.


  1. After the periods for adult sitting, chanting service, and announcements there is a work period. Cards are passed around during announcements for work practice. Don’t take a work practice card for work practice (soji). Instead, your work practice will be the clean-up from children’s snack. The following are your responsibilities:
    • Clean-up the snack table in studio.  Remove leftovers, cups and any other supplies from the snack table and take into the apartment to clean them and put them away.
    • Take everything back to the apartment kitchen to wash and put away cups. There is a drying rack under the sink that you can use to air dry the cups a bit before putting back on the tray. It is OK to put them away a little damp by placing them on a paper towel on the tray. Put the two stacked trays back down in the cupboard down in the sliding wire pantry drawer.
    • Take home any leftovers, unless it is something that is not rapidly perishable (i.e. some leftover crackers, etc.). Nonperishables can be left in the cupboard on the shelf just above the cups.  Garbage should best be put in the studio trash can as the trash in the apartment is not emptied regularly except for special occasions.
  2. Note, if for some reason you need to clean-up earlier, we are generally done with snacks by quarter to 11.